The vegan project

On a mission to make the world a better place for humans and animals. 

About Peter

Specialized in photographing people. Over 35+ years of experience in portrait photography. Currently working on a book about famous vegans. 

Every day, 195 million animals die, just for human consumption. It’s time to make a change

My personal journey to become a vegan started years ago. I was hired as a photographer to document the process in a slaughter house. Here I was confronted with the rough realities of the meat industry and the abuses I witnessed in it. For example, I saw crated calves being fed a low-iron diet making it impossible for them to stand on their feet. I will never forget the fear and panic in their eyes. All that, only because we’re accustomed to veal looking whiter to make it more appealing to eat.

In my work as a photographer I went into pig stables where the animals are so close together that their tails have to be cut off. And where they are being vaccinated against all kinds of diseases as a preventive measure. Vaccines that may have a potential impact on human health through their consumption. I was also in a slaughterhouse where the pigs scream in panic because they smell what is going to happen to them. And where they choose the most efficient instead of the most humane method to end their lives. The urgency to share their stories became even more important to me. Because of the animal suffering, I decided to no longer eat meat. It is difficult to understand that on one hand we love our dogs and cats so much. Taking them lovingly into our homes and mourn when they pass away. While, on the other hand, we are often cruel to animals that are often equally intelligent and affectionate.

Every year we slaughter 640 million animals in the Netherlands and 70 billion worldwide after a miserable life. Every day, 195 million animals die, just for human consumption. 

The vegan project

The things I witnessed led me to a question: what can I do to reduce meat and dairy consumption?  And I found an idea close to my heart and skills as a photographer. An idea that I have been thinking about for a couple of years. Capturing iconic photos and collecting insightful and personal stories from celebrities who embrace a vegan lifestyle all over the globe.

My underlying goal is to inspire their followers to reduce or (even better) quit meat and dairy consumption as well.

Peter Voorhuis


A small example of my work

Liz laughed very loudly 
at something I said

My stylist made this dress entirely
out of newspapers

Turn the bitter into glitter
Elfi is a singer songwriter

Really beautiful what a make-up artist
can create

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